Artificial Intelligence

Imagine a world that Machine Learning will enable you to develop new analytic capabilities that’s powerful while spanning multiple usage patterns. Consider a world that uses computer vision, object detection and human interaction to convert human experiences into sophisticated data.

IBM has expanded these capabilities to make these visions a reality. With these capabilities, we can help your organization bring these tools into production. These revolutionary applications will also leverage your opportunity to a future of endless possibilities. Consider these enhancements:

  • Increased Accuracy
  • Enhanced Consumer Insight
  • Reduced System Risks
  • Increased Capability
  • Minimization of Life Cycle Costs

Machine learning is continuing to transform entire industries and it will only continue to help technology companies enhance their processes, lower life-cycle costs, and mitigate security risks. By taking advantage of the power of machine learning-powered technology, you can improve your capabilities to better serve your customers, achieve your enterprise goals, and improve your bottom-line.

Artificial Intelligence – The event

Our “Power your AI” Event, took place on October 31st at the Pallini Wine Museum with great success. Μore than 100 guests from big companies attended the event.

It was a unique chance to witness latest trends in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, meet IBM PowerAI, the Enterprise Class innovative AI platform and taste Quantum Computing, the reinvention of Computer Science.

Maria Revythi, InTTrust’s AI Engineer and Data Scientist, present her research on Brain diseases αnd solutions that can arise from Mental Health applications (Cloud applications or Mobile applications) and Mental Health software.

Also, our partner, Auvious, presented a Simplified Communications and Face Biometrics solution which is the next generation of a unified communications platform, beyond a simple Virtual Assistant solution. This solution includes an AI contact center along with other advanced AI features such as Chat-bots, Video-bots, Sentiment Analysis with Real-time emotion Detection, etc. The whole solution development is based on micro-service architecture using platforms like TensorFlow, Torch, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker etc.

See AI in action

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Simplified Communications and Face Biometrics – Auvious
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Brain diseases_ From research to application – InTTrust
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