Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation, Infrastructure Readiness, IoT …

InTTrust is offering you the opportunity to be part of this transformation through forward-thinking and challenging initiatives. Migrating IT Infrastructures and operational processes are key to successfully achieving digital transformation.

Flexible, scalable, and agile infrastructures are essential to support these new developments. Optimization of infrastructure as well as operational processes will be table stakes for success.

In this context, our company can offer services:

  • In recording the requirements of transition that define and project success criteria.
  • In data classification, namely the declaration of the data to be transferred, the identification of the data access conditions and the recording of security measures.
  • In mapping data between the old and new systems.

In the implementation phasis of the expertise, available in the tools of the manufacturers which facilitate the migration of data (eg. From IBM Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange) plus the tools and the procedures that we have developed for data migration (eg. From DB2 to Oracle, from IBM Lotus Domino to Microsoft SharePoint), we accelerate the development of the project and ensure the smooth execution.

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