Gartner predicts that by 2020, 60% of digital businesses will suffer major service failures due to inability of IT security teams to manage digital risks. These are the key areas for successfully overcoming security issues:

  • Leadership and governance
  • Organizational culture change
  • Accelerate skills and convergence
  • Proper risk management
  • Embrace adaptive security architecture

“Security now means taking a holistic approach to all aspects of security,” said Earl Perkins, research Vice President at Gartner, during a presentation at Gartner Security & Risk Summit. “Digital security is the next evolution in cybersecurity to protect this pervasive digital presence.”

Within the terms of security, InTTrust is focusing on the following strategic paths:

  • Two Factor Authentication (InTTrust OTP Solution)
  • IBM Cognitive SOC
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Networking Security Policies
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Policy Orchestration
  • Identity Management

Our strategy is to focus less on incident response and more on prevention, detection and response. Build strong and context-aware networks  that would be able for comprehensive and continuous security. Our approach is efficient policies, monitoring and focus on device protection (such as MDM Platforms) and data flow profiling to determine security strategy for the Internet of Things.