14th Credit Risk Management Conference


InTTrust as a distinguished sponsor has participated at the 14th Credit Risk Management Conference. Read the presentation delivered by Dr Michail Mavroforakis and find out how artificial intelligence can help your business to improve the insights from your Data.

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International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology

Water resource management is one of the most urgent aspects of environmental protection and sustainability policies worldwide. ‘Water Underground’ is a low-cost solution, based on a combination of Internet of Things (IoT) local sensing, Edge computing, Cloud storage, web services and Machine Learning (ML) and predictive analytics, continuously monitoring the level of underground water and its quality.

For more information watch the ‘Water Underground’ presentation by Dr Michail Mavroforakis, CTO, InTTrust.


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BEYOND AI FORUM 2021 Friday 15 10 2021

How AI can be used in the manufacturing sector? How we can achieve better efficiency, better costs and on the bottom line a better planet? For more information watch the presentation delivered by Dr Michail Mavroforakis, CTO, InTTrust explaining how the AI tools can apply in the specific sector.

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Business Continuity



Business Continuity
Watch our presentation at the IT Directors Forum 2021, explaining how #InTTrust delivered the opportunity to TrainOSE to achieve faster time to market for new passenger services, increase IT resiliency offering their services to passengers 24×7 and perform a cost-efficient technology refresh. https://lnkd.in/dEyMpntu

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AI can change tomorrow’s manufacturing TODAY

InTTrust has participated in the Beyond 4.0, the first international stage for Industry 4.0 in South-Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and the MENA region exhibition from 14th until the 16th of October 2021 which took place at Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Centre.

Dr Michail Mavroforakis, CTO at InTTrust, gave an interview to NetFax describing how AI can change tomorrow’s manufacturing sector to gain better efficiency, better costs, better Planet.

How AI can change tomorrow’s manufacturing sector?

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Excellence in Cloud Computing Awards 2021


The greatest award is doing something you are proud of.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and project excellence is leading to 3 distinctions in Cloud Computing Awards 2021 for #InTTrust:
🥇Winner – Business Continuity: Data Center cloud migration at #TRAINOSE
🥈 Runner Up – Project Management/ Productivity: Digital Transformation at #SaniResort
🥈 Runner Up – Security: Digital Transformation at #SaniResort
A warm #ThankYou to our customers for their trust and to our staff who have been part of this journey.

You may read the full description of both cases here:
🔘Data Center cloud migration at #TRAINOSE : https://lnkd.in/ePSDVFi
🔘Digital Transformation at #SaniResorthttps://lnkd.in/eDUgKSR

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InTTrust winner of the “Microsoft Certifications 2020” Award

InTTrust announces the win of the “Microsoft Certifications 2020” Award during the recent Microsoft Partner Summit 2020.
#InTTrust is recognized by Microsoft as the only company in Greece for having the most technical certifications on Azure (31 certifications) and for being the most technically capable company providing Microsoft technologies.
For InTTrust, this award provides solid know-how proof of Microsoft solutions excellence, providing innovative and unique services helping to solve businesses’ problems by simplifying modernization, accelerating digital transformation, and driving intelligent decision-making.
For several years, InTTrust was awarded by Microsoft with awards, such as ‘Microsoft Partner of the Year’ (twice) for Greece, ‘Empower Business using Microsoft Cloud’ and many more.

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Intranet-In-The-Box: Elevate the way you Collaborate, Communicate, Share Information

What is the ‘Intranet-In-The-Box’?

Modern workforces demand dynamic and personalized environments. Modern businesses need intelligent workspaces that connect people, information and tools.
‘Intranet-In-The-Box’ is an integrated solution designed to improve productivity and accelerate the dissemination of information. It is built on Microsoft SharePoint On-Line platform and Office 365 assisting the organizations to boost employees’ collaboration, adoption, engagement, productivity and overall business efficiency. Businesses adapting to the ‘Intranet-In-The-Box’ solution can focus on their core tasks without spending most of their time in operational tasks and processes. 

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Cloud Backup as a Service: Secure all your Critical Business Files & O365 emails

Secure all your Critical Business Files & O365 emails

InTTrust’s Cloud Backup as a Service (CBaaS) offering, counts a bunch of useful features, including fast and accurate recovery from unfortunate data loss incidents involving production data with minimal disruption or mitigating possible data loss costs. Therefore there is a risk elimination of losing access and control over your Office 365 data including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams – so that your data is always protected.

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InTTrust Offering: Secure Collaboration Platform

Empower collaboration inside and outside your organization by protecting sensitive information such as emails and documents with encryption, restricted access and rights, and integrated security in MS Office apps.

Secure Collaboration platform
At a glance:
• Resolve communication needs
• End users collaboration MS Office apps
• In and out of office collaboration
• Document protection

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InTTrust Offering: Secure and Comfortable Remote Work Space

Manage iOS, Android, Windows and macOS devices with a single endpoint management solution from the Cloud. Streamline and automate deployment, provisioning, policy management, app delivery and updates.

Integrated End Point Management Platform
At a glance:
• Mobile Devices Management
• Data Protection
• Compliance

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InTTrust 2020: Building on experience, investing in research

InTTrust continues a successful 14-year run as a multi-Cloud integrator and Digital Transformation Solution Provider, expanding its operations in North America through its subsidiary Metontec. With its in-depth knowledge
of technology, solvency, consistency and reliability, the company succeeds in attracting professionals who share its values and vision. Its employees consist of an expanding team of more than 100 well-trained engineers, developers and consultants, who successfully carry out IT projects of significant complexity.

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InTTrust Offering: Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

Do you want to have Office mobility, Flexible deployment and scalability at a minimum cost?
InTTrust offers a solution focusing on business continuity and secure teleworking when a breakdown occurs.

Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure
At a glance:

  • Office mobility
  • Minimum Cost
  • Deployment and Scalability
  • End-user experience quality
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InTech Event: Power 9 and Storage for IBM Cloud Private

June 2019 – Hilton

Today, agility, security and performance consist a race in which all companies compete to rank first. This race is synonymous with applications development and systems resources readiness and response. IBM Cloud Private (ICP) on Power is the open Kubernetes platform that not only assists developers easily build and deploy containerized applications but also enables administrators to provide top-notch availability, performance and security in an on-premises private cloud. Thus, the theme of our latest event, held in June at Hilton-Athens, was about “Modern Cloud, Systems and Applications with IBM: Power 9 and Storage for IBM Cloud Private” .

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InTTrust at Microsoft Summit 2019

This year InTTrust is Gold Sponsor of Microsoft Summit which will take place in Athens, on May 14, 2019.

We are waiting to meet you at our kiosk to discuss about the future of technology and present to you our enterprise grade IoT and AI solution to convert data from connected devices and sensors to actionable insights.


For more info visit https://www.microsoft.com/el-gr/mssummit

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Smart Factory Conference 2019

INTTRUST S.A participated in Smart Factory Conference 2019 which took place on February 12th 2019 in Art Factory, Athens Greece and presented a “Remote Data Acquisition System” that is an IIoT solution developed in cooperation with SABO S.A.

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