Namirial Digital solutions

The Digital Signature you integrate easily and immediately.


eSignAnyWhere is the integrable software that allows you to manage all digital signature processes, anywhere, anytime, quickly, and in total Namirial security.


Speed up signature processes.

Make the signing of any file faster, even those that require the involvement of multiple users within the company, customers and suppliers: whether you are a professional or a large company, eSignAnyWhere will be able to adapt to every need.

Use any type of signature.

By digitizing processes, you can choose from the many types of signatures supported by eSignAnyWhere: from graphometric signatures to be initiated in presence, to remote digital signatures, to Qualified Electronic Signature (QES).

Simplifies the entire document flow.

Thanks to its intuitive interface eSignAnyWhere allows you to manage the entire signing workflow in just 3 steps: from document creation and editing, to document sharing, to document preservation, conveniently even from your smartphone!




Document Management Digitization

Namirial’s integrable Document Management enables you to make all the tasks of organizing, sharing, and searching any business information smoother and faster, and to store everything in compliance and with maximum security.


Manage business content.

The Namirial software organizes, catalogues and searches content letting consult it securely even from a mobile.

Simplify your work.

Make it fast to search, consult and share documents, while maintaining full control over access to information.

Store all documents safely.

You can digitalize all their documents and, even more importantly, count always and in any situation on Namirial security.



Certify delivery and acceptance of communications sent via text message and email.

Attach files, request acceptance or rejection of the message, or request a read receipt: Namirial Certified Communication enables proof of delivery of content to one or more recipients with full evidentiary value.


Define each step in the process.

Customize the communication starting with the communication channel, choosing between Email and SMS, deciding whether to attach any files and once sent request proof of acceptance or rejection of the message, until confirmation of reading.

Send important documents securely.

Ensure delivery and traceability of communications and documents: verify that your customers or employees receive documents such as invoices, rate changes, terms, and conditions with evidentiary value in court.

Notarize evidence of communication

Generate digitally signed evidence (affidavits) between sender and recipient, sealing the communication data over time through notarization and online preservation of all generated evidence.




Simplify online consent management and contract signing.

Namirial Clickwrap is the integrable solution that allows you to manage every stage of the consent lifecycle: from the preparation of forms and contracts to the collection and notarization of preferences and subscriptions.
Manage every consent easily, quickly and in compliance with regulations. 


Simplify and speed up the whole process.

With the intuitive interface, you can create forms and contracts with customized layouts, edit and update them in one click, and once proof of consent is collected, you can notarize it on the Blockchain.

Be Easily compliant with regulations.

Protect your businesses by reducing the risks associated with GDPR litigation, without affecting the user experience.

Integrate Clickwrap and expand your offering.

Your operational autonomy is granted in the drafting, updating, and monitoring of consents and contracts: integrate it with the software you already use and in just a few clicks increase the efficiency of your work.


Every corporate department needs Clickwrap.

You can carry out all the necessary activities, in compliance with the law, efficiently, quickly and securely. The consent management solution is designed for all companies and professionals who achieve high volumes of online interaction with their users and customers.





The Digital Signature that adapts to your needs

Handle paperwork without having to physically move, wherever you are and at any time: the Namirial Digital Signature has full legal value, so you can use it to sign any type of document, from contracts to Judicial Proceedings, from administrative acts to company financial statements.


Always at your fingertips

You will no longer have to physically move to sign documents: the Namirial Digital Signature is always with you, everywhere and everytime.




Saving time and energy

Thanks to signature digitization, you will be able to carry out every signing task in just a few clicks, in maximum speed and convenience.




Designed for every need

Namirial Digital Signature allows you to sign every document, always and in any situation, also from your smartphone.





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