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Imagine a world in which Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will enable you to develop new analytic capabilities that are powerful while spanning multiple usage patterns. Consider a world that uses computer vision, object detection and human interaction to convert human experiences into sophisticated data.

IBM has expanded these capabilities to make these visions a reality. With these capabilities, we can help your organization bring these tools into production. These revolutionary applications will also leverage your opportunity to a future of endless possibilities. Consider these enhancements:

  • Increased Accuracy
  • Enhanced Consumer Insight
  • Reduced System Risks
  • Increased Capability
  • Minimization of Life Cycle Costs



Artificial Intelligence and IBM Cloud

IBM has been a leader in advancing AI-driven technologies for enterprises and has pioneered the future of machine learning systems for multiple industries. Based on decades of AI research, years of experience working with organizations of all sizes, and on learnings from over 30,000 IBM Watson engagements, IBM has developed the AI Ladder for successful artificial intelligence deployments:

Collect: Simplifying data collection and accessibility.

Organize: Creating a business-ready analytics foundation.

Analyze: Building scalable and trustworthy AI-driven systems.

Infuse: Integrating and optimizing systems across an entire business framework.

Modernize: Bringing your AI applications and systems to the cloud.

IBM Watson gives enterprises the AI tools they need to transform their business systems and workflows, while significantly improving automation and efficiency. For more information on how IBM can help you complete your AI journey, explore the IBM portfolio of managed services and solutions.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is continuing to transform entire industries and it will only continue to help technology companies enhance their processes, lower life-cycle costs, and mitigate security risks. By taking advantage of the power of machine learning-powered technology, you can improve your capabilities to serve your customers better, achieve your enterprise goals, and improve your bottom line.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science that focuses on using data and algorithms to imitate how humans learn, gradually improving its accuracy. Machine learning is an important component of the growing field of data science. Through the use of statistical methods, algorithms are trained to make classifications or predictions, uncovering key insights within data mining projects. These insights subsequently drive decision-making within applications and businesses, ideally impacting key growth metrics. As big data continues to expand and grow, the market demand for data scientists will increase, requiring them to assist in identifying the most relevant business questions and subsequently the data to answer them.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Action!


AI: Tomorrow’s Manufacturing, TODAY! Better Efficiency, Better Costs, Better Planet.
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Machine Learning (ML) beyond the hype. Use Science to Improve Business.
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AI: Tomorrow’s Manufacturing, TODAY! Better Efficiency, Better Costs, Better Planet.
Machine Learning (ML) beyond the hype. Use Science to Improve Business.




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Metallurgy4 – Collaboration on ML & AI
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