IBM Power for SAP HANA implementations

The key to IT efficiency and business continuity is a platform that integrates with your current infrastructure while simultaneously optimizing it. SAP HANA servers and storage let you maintain the reliability and flexibility required for your hybrid cloud.

Discover the servers that simplify and accelerate your SAP HANA deployments, and the impact they can have on your business.

Clients for various industries have moved to IBM POWER SYSTEMS for:


  • 8 production SAP HANA LPARs supported with negligible overhead and significantly fewer memory and usage restrictions compared to VMWare
  • Clients can run mixed workloads with production SAP HANA LPARs side by side with a shared pool
  • Adjust LPARs on a per-core granularity
  • With PowerVM, clients can scale out their SAP HANA environment within a single server
  • Future proof Power Systems feature Capacity on Demand, allowing clients can grow their Power System along with their SAP HANA Environment
  • Live Partition Mobility is built into SAP HANA supported IBM Power Systems and is designed to allow clients to move logical partitions from one server to another. With this feature, clients can move workloads to standby nodes for workload balancing, server resource adjustments, with zero impact planned downtimes


  • IBM Power Systems delivers the reliability required by mission-critical environments
  • Highly resilient and secure system with 99.999% uptime1coupled with implementation services through Lab Services and ongoing support with TSS
  • PowerVMhas full resource isolation: Clients can isolate VMs so they are not impacted by other VMs in the same server.PowerVMcomes standard with IBM Power Systems, VMware must be purchased separately to achieve resource isolation
  • IBM Power Systems are designed with built-in memory failure prevention, including predictive failure alerts and chipkillmemory, that is designed to help identify and address failures before they occur. This memory protection is in IBM Power Systems by default, not an option!
  • Historic fault resiliency, dynamic component de-allocation, on the fly repair and fault isolation are unmatched by other open systems
  • PowerVMhas had zero documented security risk for the past 3 years2
  • Enterprise Resource Pools for workload relocation and balancing beyond server boundaries for all Power Systems in the IT centre


  • Highest throughput per core to deliver faster business results –up to 2x Intel-based alternatives
  • Simultaneous multithreading to drive up per-core performance allows clients to do more with less
  • Optimized server efficiency through shared pools through resource donation to non-SAP HANA production workloads
  • With the introduction of TDI5, IBM Power Systems can exploit the full, superior performance of IBM Power Systems. This shift in capacity sizing moved from fixed core-to-memory ratios to a flexible SAPS-based sizing allowing clients the choice to allocate less CPU resources to SAP HANA and make that capacity available to other workloads and/or size the systems with less resources to drive down costs
  • More memory bandwidth and lower latency boost SAP HANA performance on Power Servers

Optimized Infrastructure:

  • To achieve scalability, response time and throughput requirements
  • Additional headroom for peak workload due to virtualization capabilities
  • Better TCO

IBM Power is the platform of choice for SAP HANA for the major Greek Companies. Upgrade today and grow your business. 

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