Microsoft Power Apps for Retail


More Collaboration. More Productivity. More Impact.


Dynamic tools to empower manufacturers, owners, salespeople, and pro developers

In all areas of retail, consumer buying patterns have changed, perhaps shifting permanently toward more digital and online buying. Retailers who overcome the crisis will be those who embrace technology to better engage customers, empower employees, and transform supply chains.


Power Apps in Retail




Benefits of low-code app development



Power Apps in Retail empowers employees across the organization

Digitize processes

Power Apps are helping retailers replace paper-based processes with custom apps, not only making work more efficient but also driving toward a single view of customers across online and in-store operations.

Utilize customer data

Retailers are using Power Apps to create high-quality in-store experiences by putting relevant customer data in the hands of employees.

Build apps with ease

Power Apps are empowering employees and IT to create solutions quickly and easily, even if they have no prior app development experience.


Build faster with a fully managed data platform



Make it easier to bring your data together and quickly create powerful apps.



Microsoft Teams + Power Apps for Retail 



Capture, categorize and disseminate customer feedback

Use apps tabbed to Teams channels to capture detailed customer feedback, store that feedback for anyone to query, and automatically share it in Teams to the relevant product groups to improve product capabilities and features.

Keep the sales team informed about product updates

Use a custom app in Teams to manage the product development lifecycle, including providing guidance to sales teams when new features are available automatically and directly in a Teams channel, so they can easily access that information.

Manage and accelerate marketing campaigns

Host discussions about the planning, execution, and effectiveness of marketing campaigns, while developing content and organizing different approaches with an embedded app.


Power Apps can help meet goals in Retail



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