IBM Hybrid MultiCloud


Cloud computing has undoubtedly changed how enterprise IT is delivered. It has opened the door to compute and storage resources without limits, as well as a wealth of cloud services for IT professionals to leverage and create the next wave of enterprise innovation.



Why hybrid?

Hybrid cloud becomes the go-to model for enterprise IT. The hybrid cloud can be considered as an effective solution for interoperability issues in a cloud computing environment. At a basic level, a hybrid cloud architecture combines a mix of public and private clouds and on-premises infrastructure, with some level of communication or orchestration across these elements. A hybrid cloud is also considered a multicloud when it contains clouds from multiple cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud®, or Microsoft Azure. Whether it’s hybrid, multicloud, or both, organizations have assembled their cloud portfolios in ways that conformed to their immediate priorities at the time—from experimentation to expediency to the service provider’s expertise—and they don’t want to be forced to change them.



Moving to hybrid seamlessly

So, how can an enterprise push ahead with a hybrid strategy—and keep their option to choose—without adding to the complexity and inflexibility of their IT infrastructure? IBM advocates an open, hybrid cloud strategy that unifies an enterprise’s existing cloud environments and creates a bridge to tomorrow’s infrastructure. It’s an approach centered on unifying the experience for enterprise customers looking to build once, deploy anywhere, and integrate everything—across all cloud types and cloud providers.



IBM Cloud Paks: build, modernize and manage applications securely across any cloud with confidence

By 2025, 80% of enterprise apps will become cloud-based or in the process of transferring to cloud-native apps. A cloud-native application has a microservice architectural design – a collection of loosely coupled services that work together. IBM Cloud® Paks are AI-powered containerized software and solutions that can help you build, modernize and manage applications securely across any cloud with confidence. You can develop and run new cloud-native applications with speed, agility, scale, and performance, and you can reduce the cost of existing applications while extending their value.



IBM Cloud Paks offering: the secure and intelligent route to hybrid multi-cloud

Certified to run on Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Paks are designed to speed up and simplify development to get faster time to value.

The fact that they seamlessly use Kubernetes as the management framework supporting production-level qualities of service and end-to-end lifecycle management gives you an open, faster, more secure way to move your core business applications to any cloud. Individual IBM Cloud Paks deliver different capabilities:

  • IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration simplifies the integration of legacy workloads onto Red Hat OpenShift as containers.
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Data enables enterprises to run analytics where their data lives, shortening the path to AI adoption.
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Security gives enterprises a unified view of threats that spans hybrid, multi-cloud environments.
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation offers design, build, run, and automation services to rapidly scale programs and fully execute and operationalize an automation strategy.
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation enables communications service providers to automate their network operations so they can transform their networks, evolve to zero-touch operations, reduce operating expenses and deliver services faster.
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps enables the deployment of advanced, explainable AI across the ITOps toolchain to confidently assess, diagnose and resolve incidents across mission-critical workloads.



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