Cloud/Hybrid Infrastructure

InTTrust is a cloud infrastructure pioneer as it was among the first companies to trust and actively utilize cloud-based solutions on a consistent basis, combining a variety of technologies and taking advantage of the new era in the Information Technology cosmos.

There is an entirely new cloud world when it comes to business – from Infrastructure as a Service to Software or Platform as a Service. We embrace cloud efficiency and welcome our customers to the new digital world with us.

When it comes to Cloud Services we can cover our customers on:


What is hybrid infrastructure?

Hybrid cloud infrastructure is an IT infrastructure design and environment made up of a mix of on-premises data centers, private or public clouds. Operating systems and applications can be deployed in any part of this environment, depending on the business needs and requirements. The hybrid cloud infrastructure uses hybrid IT infrastructure services, or cloud services, to help manage and monitor an enterprise’s entire IT infrastructure. This is important as IT environments and requirements continue to become more complex.

Is a hybrid infrastructure right for your organization?

A hybrid cloud environment is the combination of private and public cloud infrastructures allowing workloads to move between the two interconnected environments. This mobility gives organizations greater flexibility and agility in their data deployment options.



InTTrust is Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Productivity and Azure Platform as well as Collaboration and Content. We are also IBM Platinum Business Partner, having successfully delivered significant projects on IBM Softlayer. These accreditations certify our capability in delivering trusted cloud integration services by providing a quality and efficient IT lifecycle to our customers.

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