‘Do More with Less’ Executive Event 2023

On 15th June 2023, InTTrust organized the ‘Do More with Less with Microsoft’ executive event at Domotel Kastri Hotel.

During the event, Tina Damaskou, Dimitris Perlegkas, and Petros Spanos presented to our audience how Microsoft can help organizations Do More with Less in a Secure way.

Special thanks to our valued customers and partners who joined us.

Looking forward to meet again! Watch the presentations and contact us for more.

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Digital Business Transformation 2023


Securing Data, the Heart of Digital Transformation

How are organizations protecting critical data? What do you consider to be critical data? When bad things happen to your data, protection from failures, disasters, data theft and cyber attacks is essential.

Watch the presentation delivered by Mr Manos Kokolakis at the Digital Business Transformation Conference, explaining how IBM Storage Systems can make hybrid cloud simple.

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Cloud Computing Conference 2023



InTTrust, IBM Platinum Partner, has participated at the Cloud Computing Conference 2023, as a Gold Sponsor. Mr Manos Kokolakis, Customer Success Manager, delivered the presentation Hybrid, Open, Resilient, Cloud in Action describing the IBM Cloud portfolio and the benefits of a cost-efficient solution. Watch the presentation to learn more.

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InTTrust-HPE-VEEAM Executive Event 2023


On the 16th of March, InTTrust co-organized with HPE and VEEAM a successful event at the Ekali Tennis Club. Mr Nikos Zarbis, IT Operations & Infrastructure Manager, Groupama Asfalistiki and Mr Dimitris Perlegkas, System and Cloud Services Manager, InTTrust, have presented the new VEEAM solutions delivered to Groupama by InTTrust. How Groupama achieved data protection, ensured business continuity and improved its operational processes by using the Veeam solutions? Watch the presentation

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10th Information Security Conference 2023


Security for organizations of all sizes. Anywhere, Everywhere & Everyone. From extra small businesses to massive enterprises. Darktrace monitors and protects all people and digital assets across your entire ecosystem. InTTrust has successfully participated as Grand Sponsor at the 10th Information Security Conference, on the 22nd of February 2023 at the Eugenides Foundation. Watch the presentations by Mrs Danai Paidousi, Account Executive, DarkTrace and Mr Stavros Stavrinoudakis, CISM, Senior Security Analyst, InTTrust

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2022 IEEE International Conference on IoT and Intelligence Systems

‘Genetic profiling of olives for the location of origin and variety discrimination using Machine Learning.’

The research paper ‘Genetic profiling of olives for the location of origin and variety discrimination using Machine Learning’ written by Michail Mavroforakis and Harris V. Georgiou, CTO and research scientist respectively of InTTrust, has been accepted for publication in the proceedings of ‘The 2022 IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things and Intelligence Systems Conference’, 24-26 November, Bali, Indonesia.

Download the research paper on the ‘Genetic profiling of olives for the location of origin and variety discrimination using Machine Learning’, describing the problem’s main challenges, the proposed approach, material and methods, as well as the relevant results.
Download the presentation of the research paper to the IEEE IoTaIS 2022, delivered by Michail Mavroforakis .
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17th IT Directors Forum 2022

InTTrust has successfully participated as a Gold sponsor at the 17th IT Directors Forum, 01/11/2022 at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall – Banqueting Hall, in Athens.

Our presentation ‘Data Resilience and Security in the Digital-First era’ was delivered by Mr Manos Kokolakis, Customer Success Manager, InTTrust. Download the presentation.

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Fortinet Security Day 2022


InTTrust has successfully participated as a Gold sponsor at the Fortinet Security Day ‘Securing the Digital World’, 04/10/2022 at the Megaron Athens Concert Hall – Banqueting Hall, in Athens.

Our presentation ‘Vessel Communication & Security: A True Story.’ was delivered by Mr Manos Kokolakis, Customer Success Manager, InTTrust.

Download it Here.

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The Data Conference 2022


InTTrust, Gold Microsoft Partner, has successfully participated in the digital ‘The Data Conference’ organised on 28/09/22. Mr Minas Pantos, Industrial IT Solutions Team Leader, InTTrust, delivered the presentation ‘IT/OT convergence: The shape of data to come’ .

Watch the presentation.

Download it here

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BEYOND 2022 Sponsorship


InTTrust, IBM Platinum Partner, has participated successfully by sponsoring the International Exhibition of Innovation and Technology BEYOND2022 from 29/09-01/10/2022 at Thessaloniki. Our presentation at the Central Stage of the exhibition centre, ‘Defining the AI era’ was delivered by Mr Nikolas Symeon, Customer Success Manager, InTTrust. Download the presentation here


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Darktrace Gold Partner


As a result of the collaboration and specialised expertise in cybersecurity, with Darktrace solutions, InTTrust has obtained the Darktrace Gold Partner certification.
For InTtrust is a recognition of our security team’s capabilities in the development and implementation of cybersecurity solutions in businesses.
Let’s make together the most of the cyber security AI technology and protect your business from cyber-attacks.
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Posidonia 2022, the International Shipping Exhibition.


InTTrust has participated with great success in the International Shipping Exhibition, POSIDONIA 2022, presenting the ways how to navigate the maritime industry through Digital Transformation achieving Cyber Security, Data Resiliency, and Business Continuity.

The meeting sessions organized by InTTrust included the presentations delivered by:

Mr Elias Stavropoulos, Technology Partner Architect, Greece & Cyprus, IBM, ‘Modern technologies for the maritime industry’.

Watch the presentation

Mr Manos Kokolakis, Customer Success Manager, InTTrust, ‘Digital Transformation, a Journey’. Mr Stelios Sampanis, Head of ICT, GASLOG and Member of BoD, Ammitec, presented the solution successfully delivered to GASLOG by InTTrust.

Watch the presentation 

InTTrust also has participated in the ICT SHIPPING & TRANS. PORTS WORLD Conference where Mr Dimitris Perlegas, Technical solutions executive-Delivery Manager, InTTrust, delivered the presentation explaining how to keep your data safe in troubled waters.

Watch the presentation 

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Digital Business Transformation Conference 2022



InTTrust successfully participated on the 19th of May 2022 in the Physical Event ‘Digital Business Transformation’ Conference organized by Boussias at OTE Academy Amphitheatre.
The presentation ‘Revive your Data. Predict the future by knowing the past, utilizing Azure and Power Platform’ which was delivered by Mr Minas Pantos, Industrial IT Solutions Team Leader, InTTrust. Watch the presentation and contact us to discuss the best solutions that can be applied to your organization.













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2nd Digital Enterprise Transformation 2022



InTTrust has successfully participated at the 2nd Digital Enterprise Transformation Conference, organized by Teamworks, as a Gold Sponsor. Mr Manos Kokolakis, Delivery Manager/Technical Solutions Executive, InTTrust, has delivered the presentation ‘Digital Transformation, a journey’. How IBM Hybrid Multi-Cloud can accelerate your Digital Transformation journey? Download the presentation 






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Athens for Industry 4.0, Summit 2022 | Innovative Business Conference


InTTrust has successfully participated in the 2nd Summit ‘Athens for Industry 4.0-Innovative Business’. Mr Minas Pantos, Industrial IT Solutions Team Leader, InTTrust, has delivered a presentation explaining the ways you can revive your data. You can download it Here.

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Cloud Computing Conference 2022

InTTrust, participated at Cloud Computing Conference, on 31 March as a Gold Sponsor where Mr Aggelos Vlahopoulos, IBM Software Sales Manager, Greece & Cyprus has delivered the presentation ‘IBM’s Multicloud. Build Once. Deploy Anywhere.’  Watch the presentation Here.

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14th Credit Risk Management Conference


InTTrust as a distinguished sponsor has participated at the 14th Credit Risk Management Conference. Read the presentation delivered by Dr Michail Mavroforakis and find out how artificial intelligence can help your business to improve the insights from your Data.

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International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology

Water resource management is one of the most urgent aspects of environmental protection and sustainability policies worldwide. ‘Water Underground’ is a low-cost solution, based on a combination of Internet of Things (IoT) local sensing, Edge computing, Cloud storage, web services and Machine Learning (ML) and predictive analytics, continuously monitoring the level of underground water and its quality.

For more information watch the ‘Water Underground’ presentation by Dr Michail Mavroforakis, CTO, InTTrust.


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BEYOND AI FORUM 2021 Friday 15 10 2021

How AI can be used in the manufacturing sector? How we can achieve better efficiency, better costs and on the bottom line a better planet? For more information watch the presentation delivered by Dr Michail Mavroforakis, CTO, InTTrust explaining how the AI tools can apply in the specific sector.

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Business Continuity



Business Continuity
Watch our presentation at the IT Directors Forum 2021, explaining how #InTTrust delivered the opportunity to TrainOSE to achieve faster time to market for new passenger services, increase IT resiliency offering their services to passengers 24×7 and perform a cost-efficient technology refresh.

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AI can change tomorrow’s manufacturing TODAY

InTTrust has participated in the Beyond 4.0, the first international stage for Industry 4.0 in South-Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and the MENA region exhibition from 14th until the 16th of October 2021 which took place at Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Centre.

Dr Michail Mavroforakis, CTO at InTTrust, gave an interview to NetFax describing how AI can change tomorrow’s manufacturing sector to gain better efficiency, better costs, better Planet.

How AI can change tomorrow’s manufacturing sector?

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Excellence in Cloud Computing Awards 2021


The greatest award is doing something you are proud of.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and project excellence is leading to 3 distinctions in Cloud Computing Awards 2021 for #InTTrust:
🥇Winner – Business Continuity: Data Center cloud migration at #TRAINOSE
🥈 Runner Up – Project Management/ Productivity: Digital Transformation at #SaniResort
🥈 Runner Up – Security: Digital Transformation at #SaniResort
A warm #ThankYou to our customers for their trust and to our staff who have been part of this journey.

You may read the full description of both cases here:
🔘Data Center cloud migration at #TRAINOSE :
🔘Digital Transformation at #SaniResort

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Platinum Sponsorship at the 1st Digital Enterprise Transformation Conference

InTTrust has successfully participated as Platinum Sponsor at the 1st Digital Enterprise Transformation, 1-2 June, in which, Mr. George Ntontos, Partner &COO, InTTrust has delivered the presentation ‘Empower your business journey to the next level: Digital Transformation Tools in action’.

On the first day of the conference during his presentation, he pointed out not only about the digital tools that are effective for an efficient digital transformation but also about how they have already used, with reference to successful cases of InTTrust clients from the transport, retail, tourism, insurance, and energy industries.

He stated, among other things, that the projects that need to be done in the context of digital transformation can no longer wait, citing as an example the achieved rapid pace of digitization of public sector processes. He also mentioned that the key issue is to digitally connect all the functions of a business and this can only be done through a continuous and uninterrupted connection using the right digital tools.

On the second day, in the closing round table discussion, Mr. George Ntontos, noted that the main issue holding back the enterprise’s digital transformation is the serious problem of slow process pace. However, this does not only happen only in the public but also in the private sector.

He also stressed that we must learn from what we all have experienced in the pandemic period. During the pandemic period, there has been worldwide cooperation, everyone worked harmoniously to solve the problem. “Only with the cooperation we can move forward,” he said. He noted, among other things, that during all this effort, everything should have been done with the absolute safety of the selected amount of data.

He also referred to the human resources that are outside the Greek borders ‘we would like them to come back and in this, we would like the assistance of the state’ he said. ‘Information is dynamic, knowledge is power, as long as it is used in the right way… let’s make sure it is used in the right ways!’ he said.

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‘Cisco Premier Integrator’ certification for InTTrust

InTTrust has been certified by Cisco as it’s ‘Premier Integrator’ for Greece-Cyprus-Malta. It has met all the personnel qualifications, specialization and support requirements in order to sell, install and support Cisco solutions in Greece-Cyprus-Malta.

As Cisco Premier Integrators, InTTrust provides:

•          Assistance to our customers to meet their business challenges in a combination of our integration services with the right software and solutions.

•          Customized software solutions using existing, or by creating new, applications as required.

•          Expertise solutions in agile software development.

•          Services as a trusted DevOps advisor.

Congratulations to our InTTrust Cisco Solutions Integrator team for leveraging a high level of expertise in a digitally transforming world!

Contact us for more

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InTTrust winner of the “Microsoft Certifications 2020” Award

InTTrust announces the win of the “Microsoft Certifications 2020” Award during the recent Microsoft Partner Summit 2020.
#InTTrust is recognized by Microsoft as the only company in Greece for having the most technical certifications on Azure (31 certifications) and for being the most technically capable company providing Microsoft technologies.
For InTTrust, this award provides solid know-how proof of Microsoft solutions excellence, providing innovative and unique services helping to solve businesses’ problems by simplifying modernization, accelerating digital transformation, and driving intelligent decision-making.
For several years, InTTrust was awarded by Microsoft with awards, such as ‘Microsoft Partner of the Year’ (twice) for Greece, ‘Empower Business using Microsoft Cloud’ and many more.

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