Water Underground solution

InTTrust S A. launches and delivers an innovative solution to provide crucial insights and raise public awareness of the water sustainability problem in terms of quality and quantity. InTTrust’s solution can help local and global communities on water sustainability by providing vital, real-time monitoring information, and quality and quantity trends of underground water.


InTTrust having participated with the ‘Water Underground’  platform in IBM’s annual international ‘2020 Call for Code competition’ has been distinguished as one of the 4 best innovative technology solutions in the category of ‘Climate Change’ in the European region.



Using Cloud services and technologies and specifically designed hardware, based on IoT devices, delivers an integrated solution by monitoring local underground water and environmental data from the field-placed sensors to the Cloud.

Dr Michail Mavroforakis, InTTrust’s CTO refers to the ‘Water Underground’ solution: “The lack of information and awareness around the sustainability of Earth’s natural resources have been established as big threats to humanity and other kinds of life. Inspired by scientific and technological progress, we envision a world where everyone can monitor the quantity and quality of underground water in real-time, similar to the weather data. By using state-of-the-art tools, we designed and created i) a readily available IoT device to collect environmental data and ii) a smart Cloud platform to store, analyze and present them. Furthermore, we provide ways to map, predict and improve the management of this vital natural resource.”


The water sustainability problem

Water is a vital and precious natural resource, not only to humans but also to most kinds of life on earth. However, it does not get the attention and caution it deserves, on the contrary, human activity is increasingly wasting it. Climate change is one of the crucial aspects of this problem. However, the lack of information and awareness are strong reasons for this disastrous attitude.

Irrational human use of underground water heavily affects clear water availability. Besides over-pumping, fertilizers and other types of pollution gradually and steadily deteriorate water quality. Low-income communities, already the most vulnerable to any threat to the water supply, will be the worst affected.


The Solution

The innovative aspects of the proposed solution include real-time reporting of underground water’s critical attributes and future trends. Furthermore, it provides indications of unusual over-pumping and alerts on water quality changes. Additionally, more rational use of underground water is promoted and controlled usage and management can be achieved at the local government level.


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Innovative Technology

InTTrust is using the latest and innovative Signal Analysis, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, A/I, Cloud and edge technologies to implement a solution addressing water sustainability challenges such as water quantity, quality and future trends.



  • User Roles
  • Map Representation
    • Mapping of wells that are monitored
    • Colour-based representation of underground water level
  • Dashboard – Water Level  Metrics / Predictions
    • Depth
    • Prediction
    • Trends
    • Statistics
    • Quality
  • Dashboard – Water Level Statistics
  • Dashboard – Water Quality Metrics
    • pH : Alcalicity
    • ORP : Oxidation Reduction Potential (disinfection potential)
    • TDS : Total Dissolved Solids
    • Electrical Conductivity : Salinity
  • Time Analysis – Water Level, Pumping Status
    • Water level graph from sea/surface
    • Water height
  • User-controlled configuration
    • Application, System, Device
  • Remote IoT Device Updates




  • A systematic, continuous, online and real-time monitoring of the quality and quantity properties of underground water
  • Map representation of underground water
  • Modelling the behaviour of underground water under user action, in the local area
  • Modelling the emptying/refilling rate of the well
  • Prediction of the behaviour of underground water under usage
  • Alarming and alerting for unusual well usage and quality issues
  • Information is publically available to any device for any user (upon municipality consent)
  • Underground water resources management optimization
  • Awareness of underground water resources sustainability


We actively embrace business initiatives that support the green application of technology. The Water Underground platform which received a top distinction at the 2020 Call for Code competition was presented at the Climate Change Conference (22/10/2020).

Watch the presentation delivered by Dr M. Mavroforakis, CTO, InTTrust, and find out more about our innovative platform.

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