Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

Modernize your workforce to work how they want, where they want.

Windows Virtual Desktop is the remote desktop solution that will empower your employees to stay productive, no matter where they are working. Employees require constant connectivity, better flexibility, and specialized tools for their roles in order to stay productive.

Secure Connectivity

Keeping your business safe is a priority. With dispersed workers, shared documents, and employees accessing documents from different networks, it can be difficult to ensure that sensitive information remains safe.


Work is no longer constrained to the office. Employees need to be able to stay productive, whether working remote, in the field or on-site.

Personalization – One size does not fit all

Employees expect their tools to be personalized to meet their individual demands. Different roles require different applications and resource allocation.

Are your tools up to the challenge?

  • With Windows Virtual Desktop employees can securely connect to their desktop anywhere with internet access. They’ll remain productive from any location.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop is the best-virtualized Windows and Office experience, giving employees the tools they need on any eligible device.
  • Personalization is simple to set up through the Azure portal. Give each employee the specific tools and applications they need.


Windows Virtual Desktop key benefits


Best user experience

Windows Virtual Desktop helps employees do their best work by providing them with a familiar desktop experience and productivity tools they already know.

  • Windows Virtual Desktop is designed to work with Office 365. Office 365 containers enable fast load times for user files.
  • Files automatically load to virtual desktops, so employees can quickly access important information from any eligible device.


Modernize your workforce

Employees can take their work with them, wherever they go. They can access their desktop and apps on any device, for a secure and portable experience—on the tarmac, in the coffee shop, or at the beach. With Windows Virtual Desktop users can securely work from anywhere with an internet connection.


Secure by design

Windows Virtual Desktop comes with the security of Azure.  Easily assign roles, grant permissions, and manage secure sign-on through Azure AD. Windows Virtual Desktop was born in the cloud.  This means that security features like secure sign-on and Multi-factor Authentication come standard. With Windows Virtual Desktop, it’s simple to assign user access based on role. So you can restrict sensitive customer information and still allow employees access to the files they need.



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