CAF for Azure (Strategy & Plan)



Create a clear and concise business strategy for

migration to the Cloud


Cloud Adoption Framework: Strategy

Understanding your motivation

Envision the strategy by defining and documenting your motivations to moving to the cloud while engaging the Stakeholders.

Justify business outcomes by developing a business case to validate the financial model. Engage different stakeholders and document desired outcomes across these categories.

  • Fiscal outcomes include increased revenue, savings in cost and drive profits
  • Agility outcomes include time-to-market and provision time to respond to changes
  • Reach outcomes include global access and data sovereignty
  • Customer engagement outcomes include meeting customer expectations by reducing cycle times
  • Performance outcomes include having highly available, global applications
  • Security and Compliance regulations addressed and implemented


Choose your first cloud adoption project to help you align your motivations with technical effort.


Achieve balance. Deliver Modernization.



  • Align-business, people, and technology strategy.
  • Achieve-business goals with actionable, efficient, and comprehensive guidance.
  • Deliver-fast results in control and stability.


Cloud Adoption Framework: Plan

Create a balance between speed or moving quickly and control or reducing risks by having teams accountable for adoption and governance. While adoption team is required to execute cloud adoption tasks, the governance team ensures processes and controls are implemented.

  • Convert the aspirational goals of the cloud adoption strategy into actions. Guide technical efforts, in alignment with the business strategy.
  • Implementing Cloud adoption plan requires some initial alignment of different stakeholders who will make the plan a reality.


Skills readiness Plan

IT staff members can lead to the adoption of cloud services by helping the organization understand and embrace the associated changes. The Cloud Adoption Framework guides you through the full adoption lifecycle providing the opportunities to build all the necessary skills.


Mapping of skills to IT roles in a cloud-hosted environment.


Business Outcomes


Document your business Strategy to help team members understand the cloud adoption outcomes.

  • Define and understand your motivations
  • Document business outcomes
  • Develop a business case
  • Choose the right first project


Convert your cloud adoption strategy into an actionable Plan.

  • Rationalize digital estate
  • Align governance and cloud adoption
  • Plan skills readiness
  • Create an actionable cloud adoption plan


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