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POWER9: Industry’s Most Advanced Server Designed for Artificial Intelligence

Built specifically for compute-intensive AI workloads, the new POWER9 systems are capable of improving the training times of deep learning frameworks by nearly 4x allowing enterprises to build more accurate AI applications, faster. POWER9 is at the heart of the soon-to-be most powerful data-intensive supercomputers  in the world, the U.S. Department of Energy’s “Summit” and “Sierra” supercomputers, and has been tapped by Google.


POWER9 simplifies cloud application deployment

IBM Power infrastructure offers a modern “full stack” platform and a set of infrastructure services with predictable costs, capacity and performance rivaling and exceeding that of the public cloud. All with the security and control of on-premises infrastructure.


Engineering that leads to real advantages for clients

Major innovations and performance improvements come with each successive generation of the POWER processor and POWER9 is no different. And it’s not just about engineering for engineering sake; it’s critical that the engineering leads to advantages for clients and that’s exactly what the POWER9 processor delivers. Performance benefits that help real clients’ mission-critical applications to scale higher, perform better, and solve problems that lead to competitive advantages in their markets.


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Make data ready for AI with ICP for Data on Power Systems

The combination of ICP for Data and Power Systems delivers unprecedented value for clients looking to leverage all their data to infuse AI into every aspect of their business. POWER9 servers are designed for data-intensive, advanced analytics and AI workloads that help fuel critical insights to differentiate in and succeed in the AI era.


Industry leaders – Fortune 100 listed – trust Power Systems

Not only do a vast majority of the Fortune 100 trust Power Systems, but if you look at the top industries, their leadership also trust IBM Power Systems to run and manage their businesses. From banking to retail, you can find Power Systems making a difference globally. Why do these industries trust Power?

The IBM Power Systems product team continues to fuel innovation and extend Power’s leadership in performance, scalability and security, while maintaining our longstanding position as the most reliable servers in the industry and protecting our clients’ investments as they evolve their infrastructure.

These are just a few of the reasons customers continue to trust their mission-critical workloads to IBM Power Systems.


Dive deeper into POWER10

Some applications, data stores and processes are so core to your enterprise that they simply cannot go down.

These are the operations underpinning your customer experience and employee support across multiple environments. Their demands are accelerating, as are their security risks.

You need this IT at the core to be ready for today’s demands and tomorrow’s challenges. You need IBM Power.



Explore the new Power — designed for your needs

Scale core operations and AI applications across your hybrid cloud while significantly reducing your data center footprint. The IBM Power E1080 delivers end-to-end encryption and extreme scale for your business-critical applications.

IBM Power® E1080 makes the most secure and reliable server platform in its class even better with transparent memory encryption, efficient scaling and faster insights with production-ready AI at the point of data. Get more availability with 25% less downtime than comparable systems while reducing costs, complexity and carbon footprint.


Power makes it possible

ΙΒΜ POWER10 for Agility

Respond faster to business demands. The Power10 processor enables more efficient scaling without requiring energy or footprint increases. Power Private Cloud with dynamic capacity now includes metering of Red Hat OpenShift in addition to Linux, AIX and IBM i environments for flexible consumption consistently across the public, private and hybrid cloud.


ΙΒΜ POWER10 for Security

Protect data from core to cloud. Support end-to-end encryption across hybrid cloud using memory encryption at the processor level — without management overhead or performance impact. Moreover, protect from future threats with support for post-quantum cryptography and fully homomorphic encryption.



Streamline insights and automation. Now you can extract new insights faster from enhanced in-core AI inferencing capability in every server. Securely extract insights from your most sensitive data where it resides, eliminating the time and risk of data movement.


IBM POWER10 in the Cloud

IBM Power servers can be located on-premises or in the cloud. Many vendors, including IBM, offer public cloud footprints with the IBM Power processor as the backbone for these workloads. Along with its Red Hat-enabled capabilities, the Power E1080 also offers other significant hybrid cloud-focused features. For example, the new systems can be quickly and easily integrated with the Power Virtual Server offering co-located in IBM Cloud, simplifying hybrid cloud management.


Inside POWER10

New chip innovations

The IBM Power10 processor uses a design focused on energy efficiency and performance in a 7nm form factor. Introducing IBM Power10, designed over five years with hundreds of new inventions and patent applications filed.



IBM POWER10 supported operating systems


AIX 7.1 TL5 SP5

AIX 7.2 TL4 SP1, TL5 SP1

AIX 7.3 TL0 SP1 (when available)


IBM i 7.3 TR11

IBM i 7.4 TR5


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2, 8.4, 8.6, 9

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, 15, 16

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