Frameable-Microsoft Teams solutions

Bring the Future of Work into Microsoft Teams

Increase your entire organization’s creativity and engagement, streamline your communications, and boost your collaboration throughout.



Collaborate more fluidly in Teams calls

Unlock a new level of productivity when everyone shares their screen in a Teams call

Make better decisions, faster, when everyone can contribute




Share multiple screens at once in Microsoft Teams

Now multiple users can share multiple screens at the same time! Less presenting, more collaborating

Anyone can share any time without interrupting current progress

Share multiple screens at once in Microsoft Teams

Now multiple users can share multiple screens at the same time! less presenting, more collaborating

Anyone can share any time

With MultiShare, you don’t need to worry about interrupting any current screen shares in progress. Just go ahead and share.


Everyone can choose their view at any time

Each user controls which screen they’re viewing at the moment. Thumbnails at the bottom show a real-time preview of all the screens simultaneously.




Spotlight any share for everyone

Focus everyone on a particular screen share if the moment calls for it–for example when transitioning from one presenter to another.




Share multiple of your screens at once

Each user can share multiple windows, tabs or monitors with colleagues, at the same time.





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A new level of visibility

Simplify access to your top chats, files, meetings, and more, reducing the need for constant navigation through Teams.




Finally, a unified dashboard for Microsoft Teams!

Turbo-charge your team’s collaboration with a comprehensive view of chats, channels, schedules, files, and colleagues.




Easier collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Join your colleagues in the right working session with one click.




Find your colleagues

Quickly see what your colleagues are working on right now, all from within Microsoft Teams.




Your new Microsoft Teams dashboard

Find all your messages, channel conversations, and meeting chats, as well as files from SharePoint and calendar events from Outlook organized in one central location.





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Work better together, in real-time

Get all the ideas on the table and find the best way forward when everyone works in a real-time visual collaboration canvas built specifically for Microsoft Teams.




Introducing a new collaborative whiteboard for Microsoft Teams

Brainstorm, strategize, plan, design, and track progress — together in real-time.




Flexible cards are the basic building blocks

Cards are easily nested inside each other, allowing for powerful expression of complex systems.




Communicate in context with reactions and comments

Use emoji reactions to indicate a given sentiment, the same way you’re used to with Teams chats.




Zoom out to see the big picture

See different levels of granularity as you zoom in and out of boards — the same way that you see different levels of detail zooming in and out of digital maps.





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