Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation, Infrastructure Readiness, IoT, AI, Machine Learning …


InTTrust is offering you the opportunity to be part of this transformation through forward-thinking and challenging initiatives. Migrating IT Infrastructures and operational processes are key to successfully achieving digital transformation.

Powerful collaboration tools and unified data sources enable organizations to engage with each other and the customer seamlessly and from anywhere.

Technology advances in data capture and analytics improved access to data, as well as the ability to build new proprietary solutions, enables organizations to apply technologies such as AI and machine learning to unlock key insights and deliver value when and where it’s needed most. Digital transformation is helping organizations across every industry adjust to changing business and customer needs while influencing corporate culture and benefiting society on a global scale.



In this context, our company can offer services:

  • In recording the requirements of transition that define and project success criteria.


  • In data classification, namely the declaration of the data to be transferred, the identification of the data access conditions, and the recording of security measures.


  • In mapping data between the old and new systems.


In the implementation phasis of the expertise, available in the tools of the manufacturers which facilitate the migration of data (eg. From IBM Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange) plus the tools and the procedures that we have developed for data migration (eg. From DB2 to Oracle, from IBM Lotus Domino to Microsoft SharePoint), we accelerate the development of the project and ensure the smooth execution.


Digital transformation is the foundation for business




The world is changing, and retailers are being challenged to figure out how best to engage with customers within new constraints. Retailers are also trying to manage pressures driven by industry trends such as the drive for more sustainability in retail, the proliferation of data, the need to better equip store associates with technology, and the ability to deliver remote sales and service. Meeting these challenges is not easy, but it requires embracing the principles of tech intensity to accelerate innovation.

That’s why we believe that the retailers must embrace tech intensity as they work to find new paths to revenue, keep up with customer demands, and, ultimately, reimagine their business.


Financial services

Technology will become a transformative tool that enables everything from new forms of payment such as contactless cards to defeating financial crime. AI will become the foundation for all financial service organizations in driving intelligent banking at all levels. It will improve the ability to deliver differentiated customer experiences, empower employees, and drive innovation in compliance, regulatory, and security environments by facilitating tech intensity.



In the coming years, manufacturers will move from selling unconnected products to ones that come with connectivity services, and from selling a discrete product to selling products as a service. Having recognized the need to shift focus to accommodate global crises, manufacturers will also seek ways to be more agile and responsive to changing market demands.

Manufacturers are building digital feedback loops that help companies connect with their products and customers to continuously learn, grow, and improve existing services, as well as build new ones. All of these efforts amount to increasing tech intensity.



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