Monitoring & Support Services


Track availability and performance of your IT services. Instant alerts sent to our team experts.

At InTTrust, we value your time and continuity. Through continuous IT infrastructure monitoring, comprehensive diagnostics, early issues detection, and their prompt resolution, our engineers can guarantee the maximized efficiency of your IT operations.

InTTrust, successfully delivers Monitoring & Support Services by supporting our customers with the most comprehensive, cost-effective and highest quality remote support. Our Services are designed to be flexible that can be tailored for SMBs, or large enterprises.


Monitoring offering features by InTTrust
  • Real-time automated monitoring and alerting Ticketing
  • System to track, monitor and create  incidents
  • Custom Customer portal to monitor and control  his own systems in parallel with our team
  • Monitoring ΑΙΧ/ RHEL ppc 64 le (CPU, Memory, Disks, ERRPT – AIX only – Process checks)
  • OS monitoring (Windows platforms, Linux  x 86 _ 64)
  • Database Monitoring, Alerting
  • Custom Services monitoring, Alerting and  Administration
  • Infra Devices and appliance monitoring, Alerting
  • Detailed health check analysis and reporting. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports ( Health,  Incidents, Status)



InTTrust’s Monitoring First Level Support

Monitoring first level support by Inttrust can identify, analyze, prioritize incoming alerts and ensure that notification is sent to the appropriate party if a serious issue is detected.

Key features include:
  • Point of contact between InTTrust and its customers
  • Ticket categorization and prioritization
  • Provide Preliminary level of diagnosis as applicable
  • Restore service whenever possible
  • Filtering Requests, Events, Incidents / Escalate as & when appropriate
  • Monitoring the status and progress towards resolution of incidents
  • Monitor SLAs
  • Provide standard and ad hoc Reporting


Alerting Workflow

Although the task of monitoring whether a server host is up or down may seem relatively simple, the potential consequences of the outcome of this check can be huge for an organization reliant on IT systems. The cost of service being down has a critical impact on any organization.

Our aim is the provision of the most comprehensive, cost-effective and highest quality remote support professional services establishing security to all our customers’ critical systems and applications.



Incident Management

An incident may be caused due to an asset that is not functioning properly or network failure. Our incident management process helps IT teams investigate, record, and resolve service interruptions or outages. The incident management workflow aims to reduce downtime and minimize the impact on employee productivity from incidents.



MSP Manager Ticketing

MSP Manager provides a quick ticket feature capturing the essential information of the ticket details, adding up to radically improved efficiency – and more profit for your business. The MSP Manager pushes notifications to immediately alert our technicians when a ticket is assigned to them or an issue status changes.

MSP Manager Ticketing allows the productivity boost of your IT team engineers by allowing them to enter the critical information they need without making them fill out a thousand unnecessary form fields. And with built-in timers and rate selection, all files will be accurate and ready to go at a moment’s notice.



Get in touch with our expert team on monitoring services and find out the benefits you can optimize for your business.