IoT: RDA System

The Challenge

In today’s competitive environment, industries are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance product quality. Since each factory has many devices producing data, more and more product manufacturers realize that data analytics and data-driven decision-making is a crucial factor for staying ahead of the competition.

Their primary motivator for adopting Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics is to leverage:

  • Insights for improvement and optimization of the production process.
  • Real-time usage/performance data to drive better and more cost-effective factory operations.


The IoT Solution

InTTrust S.A., as a trusted digital solutions provider and multi-cloud integrator, and SABO S.A. a worldwide leading company specializing in the construction of turnkey plants and machinery, worked together to build a platform (RDA System) for acquiring, manipulating, and live streaming IoT data.

Platform’s key objective is to extract business value converting data from connected devices, sensors, and machines to actionable insights, helping manufacturers understand machine usage, performance, failures, operating conditions, and other critical KPIs.



Solution Description
  • RDA system is a platform that acquires and manipulates data, which are produced in industrial units. Data is transformed into decision-making KPI’s and is presented to any user device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) through personalized reporting, securely, in real-time.
  • RDA system utilizes Microsoft Azure for storing and manipulating data, Microsoft IoT Hub and Streams Analytics for real-time data analytics and streaming, and Microsoft Power BI Tools for creating and distributing personalized reporting and KPI’s to various levels of end-users.
  • RDAs facilitate intelligent algorithms that analyze trends and extract useful information from historical data to propose efficient working scenarios.



Connectivity with factory equipment requires minimum local infrastructure and is achieved:

  • by data providers directly connected to the control systems / SCADA:

  • by interfaces using the most common communication protocols:

Solution Benefits
  • Improve factory efficiency and reduce costs: a. Reducing unplanned machine downtime through the provision of events/alerts and a calendar for proactive machine maintenance, b. Detecting production issues in real-time.
  • Customizable solution: Platform configuration based on customer-specific requirements.
  • Improved customer experience: Access to personalized reports anywhere from any device and respond quickly.

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