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Storage made simple for Hybrid Cloud

IBM Storage solutions bring a resilient approach to the hybrid cloud by managing data growth, increasing agility, and modernizing applications for enterprises. IBM FlashSystem 5000 storage systems are designed to provide market-leader entry-level enterprise solutions within the overall FlashSystem family. IBM FlashSystem 5000 technology has recently been refreshed, with a focus on significant innovation. IBM FlashSystem 5000 all-flash and hybrid-flash storage simplify data delivery with enterprise-class data services that achieve the best balance of performance and affordability for entry workloads.



Simpler, faster, better

  • Affordable without compromise. Storage functions are included with internal storage licensing costs. Store more in less space with guaranteed data reduction options.
  • Cloud-enabled. Gain data mobility across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments with powerful security and consistent data management.
  • Faster, smarter data. Accelerate business insights with NVMe storage. Simplify management with intelligent software. Use consistent automation APIs on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Easy data mobility. Easily migrate data and applications to and from the cloud. Optimize cost and performance with intelligent Easy Tier®, which automatically moves only the most active data to flash.
  • High availability guarantee. Proven 99.9999% availability. Optional 100% guarantee when using HyperSwap. Replicate across 2 or 3 sites. Configure for cross-site high availability.
  • Protected and secure. Encrypt data automatically. Malware detection and application-aware snapshots help provide dependable cyber resiliency.


Download the IBM FlashSystem storage models Brochure


Choose the right solution

One platform makes storage simple.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize provides the data services foundation for the IBM FlashSystem family, which allows you to select the innovations and enterprise-class features required for each deployment.


IBM FlashSystem 5000

The IBM FlashSystem 5000 models offer even greater affordability than before, with a wide range of performance and feature options:

  • IBM FlashSystem 5015 is an entry-level solution focused on affordability and ease of deployment and operation, with powerful scale-up features. It includes many IBM Spectrum Virtualize features and offers multiple flash and disk drive storage media and expansion options.
  • IBM FlashSystem 5035 provides greater functionality, including powerful encryption capabilities and data reduction pools with compression, deduplication, thin provisioning, and the ability to cluster for scale-up and scale-out.


IBM FlashSystem 5015 and 5035 offer the performance, functionality and affordability demanded by entry enterprise workloads. The FlashSystem family of data systems from IBM is known for providing efficient, highly functional, high-performance storage for any type of workload. FlashSystem solutions, customized for entry enterprises, midrange enterprises, and high-end enterprises, are specifically designed to deliver performance in streamlined packages that are easy to deploy, easy to manage, and easy to grow.

Powerful added features of IBM FlashSystem 5000 models

  • Innovative management capabilities to ease storage management
  • High-availability configurations with HyperSwap for FlashSystem 5035
  • IBM Distributed RAID 1, designed for improved performance with small configurations
  • FlashCopy function and remote mirroring to create copies of data for backup and disaster recovery
  • Dual clustering for FlashSystem 5035 to enable growth from a smaller configuration
  • Options to nondisruptively upgrade in the field from FlashSystem 5015 to FlashSystem 5035, providing investment protection with the ability to grow capacity and performance in the same footprint
  • High-density expansion enclosures, which can hold up to 92 drives and 2.8 PB in a 5U form factor
  • The option to add IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud to enable data migration between on-premises and public cloud storage including IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, as well as the use of these cloud platforms for disaster recovery
  • Support for OpenStack Cinder, which helps automate storage provisioning and volume management for organizations by combining the efficiency of FlashSystem 5000 with the OpenStack Compute cloud platform


FlashSystem 5200

FlashSystem 5200 supports NVMe SSDs, IBM FlashCore Modules (FCM) and Storage Class Memory for even lower latency, packing up to 1.7PB of outstanding performance, scalability and high availability in a 1U rack unit.

  • Small footprint, a huge impact. Deliver more with fewer drives and lower costs.
  • Accelerates business decisions. With 70μs response time.
  • Extreme-scale. Scale up to 1.7PB, or scale out to 32PB with external virtualisation and 4-way clustering.
  • Proven FlashCore technology performance. Delivering 2:1 compression and FIPS 140-2 encryption with no performance loss.
  • Ultimate data resilience. Go beyond six 9s availability. Maximise data protection, security and availability with IBM HyperSwap.
  • Simplifies support. With IBM Storage Expert Care, which helps to reduce risk and maintenance outlays with predictable pricing.


FlashSystem 7200

Take advantage of AI-enhanced applications, real-time analytics and cloud architectures that require higher levels of performance and capacity.

  • Blazing fast data. At 2.3 million max. IOPS 4K read hit and 35GB/s max. bandwidth on a single system.
  • Enterprise-scale. Supporting up to 760 drives with expansion enclosures.
  • Power to perform. With 4 x 8-core processors and up to 1.5TB cache per enclosure.
  • Enhanced data reduction. With data reduction pools (DRP) that significantly increase capacity.
  • Microsecond latency. As low as 70μs enables faster business decisions.
  • NVMe optimised. For accelerated end-to-end storage performance.


FlashSystem 9200

FlashSystem 9200 is NVMe-optimised high-performance storage made simple for the modern cloud enterprise.

  • Accelerates workloads. With 4.5 million max. IOPS 4K (read hit).
  • Highest bandwidth. At 45GB/s (256KB read miss) on a single system.
  • Highest performance. With 4 x 16-core processors and up to 1.5TB cache per enclosure.
  • Transforms data economics. With innovative data reduction options, automatic tiering and unique FlashCore Modules.
  • Microsecond latency. As low as 70μs enables faster business decisions.
  • Protects availability. With dual canisters, dual power and redundant cooling.


Download the IBM FlashSystem storage models Brochure


Succeed with FlashSystem

The FlashSystem family is ideal for businesses that want to:

  • Improve economics. Store more with less hardware with up to 5x data reduction. Align Opex with consumption with a cloud-like experience.
  • Simplify storage. Manage IBM storage and 500+ multi-vendor systems from a single pane. IBM Storage Insights provides intelligent assistance.
  • Utilise hybrid cloud. The FlashSystem common software platform extends seamlessly to hybrid cloud storage deployments.
  • Keep data protected and available. Optional 100% commitment when using HyperSwap. Encrypt data at rest and in the cloud. Detect malware. Recover from errors.


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