DNA Blockchain


An innovative solution for the protection of extra virgin olive oil authenticity has been developed in collaboration between InTTrust and BioCoS (https://www.biocos.gr/). The “DNA digitization: olive oil authenticity and traceability from field to bottle” solution has been funded by S3Food (https://s3food.eu/).

Olive oil and particularly Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), is considered at high risk of non-compliances and frauds (admixtures/substitutions), due to its high economic value. Thus, effective technologies are mandatory to tackle challenges regarding conformity checks safeguarding its integrity.

Traceability and inherent, reliable, immutable proof of authenticity constitute a pivotal factor for the identification of such malpractices. Therefore, employing robust protocols of the low environmental footprint is essential in order to establish a state-of-the-art fraud protection system, providing a unique, trustful and scalable framework.


‘Genetic profiling of olives for the location of origin and variety discrimination using Machine Learning.’

The research paper ‘Genetic profiling of olives for the location of origin and variety discrimination using Machine Learning’ written by Michail Mavroforakis and Harris V. Georgiou, CTO and research scientist respectively of InTTrust, has been accepted for publication in the proceedings of ‘The 2022 IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things and Intelligence Systems Conference’, 24-26 November, Bali, Indonesia.

Download the research paper on the ‘Genetic profiling of olives for the location of origin and variety discrimination using Machine Learning’, describing the problem’s main challenges, the proposed approach, material and methods, as well as the relevant results.
Download the presentation of the research paper to the IEEE IoTaIS 2022, delivered by Michail Mavroforakis.


DNA Blockchain Protect EVOO label & fraud prevention

The DNA profiles of olive orchards (olive leaves) and produced EVOO, obtained via on-site DNA-based techniques, is analyzed using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques, in order to deliver an automated post-processing method to be transferred into a blockchain system. This will allow users to have immediate access to the EVOO varietal composition as tested along all stages of the supply chain.

DNA Blockchain aims to create a DNA traceability system from field to bottle for the olive oil industry to protect its integrity and quality. DNA profiles of both olive orchards (varietal geo-genetic map) and their produced extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) will be analyzed using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques in order to deliver an automated post-processing method of DNA data analysis.

The DNA Blockchain solution will enhance supply chain transparency in the olive oil industry. This is translated into:

Subsequently, the output will be incorporated into a blockchain system, providing an end-to-end traceability and authenticity system for the olive oil industry. It is a solution allowing users to have immediate access to the varietal composition of an EVOO as well as the absence of admixtures (vegetable oils) as tested along all stages of the olive oil supply chain. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the bonds of trust between stakeholders and communicate to consumers the value of transparency from the field to the bottle’s content.


A Digital solution

Blockchain has already been employed in the olive oil sector by “IBM Food Trust”, in order to provide a digitally secure way to track and trace each lot number from the manufacturing site up to the consumer.

Its ability to be used in every step along the supply chain represents one of its greatest advantages. However, a caveat of this approach is that traceability is limited to the bottle and not its content: the EVOO. This gap can be bridged by DNA fingerprinting; an indisputable and accessible source of information that delivers a genetic ID to any natural product, such as the olive varieties comprising an EVOO or substitutions with vegetable oils. The ability to obtain the genetic profile of an EVOO via DNA tests makes it almost impossible to admix.

DNAblockchain will significantly improve the current state-of-the-art EVOO fraud identification methods:

  • It is automated and requires no specialized user intervention,
  • The device is portable and handy,
  • Minimizes human intervention and eliminates data manipulation and errors,
  • Improves relevant time and logistics,
  • It is environmentally friendly,
  • The results are trusted and immutable, and
  • Promotes transparency and confidence throughout the EVOO supply chain.


The solution can be directly applied to SMEs as well as large EVOO bottling companies; furthermore, food, supplements and cosmetics industries using the EVOO as an ingredient will also be benefited. Moreover, with the development of new DNA markers for other high-quality food products (e.g., coffee, spices), the DNA Blockchain solution can be modified/adapted to be applied to these food supply chains, too.


A trustful collaboration – the key components of DNA Blockchain solution

The solution has been developed in collaboration between BioCoS and InTTrust. BioCoS is specializing in designing EVOO biomarkers and in food DNA analysis, while InTTrust is specializing in signal analysis, ML/AI and blockchain.