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Today, businesses are looking to reduce costs and optimize operations as they shift to a world of hybrid work. But supporting the many aspects of work can add costs and create additional unwelcome processes, especially for small and medium businesses (SMBs) with fewer resources.

InTTrust helps our customers to navigate market uncertainty and accelerate growth, optimize their investment, and reinvest in solutions that drive their business efficiency.


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Microsoft 365 can help to improve collaboration with secure access whenever from anywhere.

Microsoft 365 offers customers a complete, integrated toolset that reduces costs and administration overhead. This single, scalable solution lets you manage your collaboration, productivity, and security tools more efficiently, all from a single administration center. And it’s more cost-effective than individual technologies from separate vendors. Your business gets enterprise-grade reliability and value at a manageable price.




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Microsoft 365 provides organizations with the tools and flexibility they need to embrace hybrid work

Collaboration solutions such as Teams can enhance hybrid work by helping people access, edit, and seamlessly share content online or offline from any device.

With Microsoft Teams and familiar Office apps, people can connect using one-on-one conversations and group chats, and they can easily access files, chats, and apps in one workspace.

Workers can make decisions faster with real-time sharing in meetings for instant feedback and collaboration, and they can share, edit, and co-author Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.


Improve collaboration

When all apps are on one platform, coworkers can easily communicate with each other.

Coworkers can see each other’s feedback in shared documents in real-time and immediately ask clarifying questions. They can simply tag a colleague in a document, without emailing an attachment and without version control issues.

Multiple people can contribute to the same online whiteboard during a virtual brainstorm while projects, chats, meetings, and collaboration become seamless.


Optimize hybrid work tools

Hybrid work is here to stay, with 66% of executives saying that their workforces will be at least half remote for the foreseeable future.

This growing number of hybrid workers increasingly needs digital tools and applications that run in the cloud. Moving to a consolidated all-in-one platform frees workers to get work done from anywhere, with anyone, with easy access to the tools and information they need.






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Microsoft Security helps you do more with less


Security is critical for your business

Businesses are experiencing an increase in both the volume and sophistication of cyberattacks. With rapid technology adoption and increased hybrid work, the risk is greater for small and medium-sized customers with budget constraints and gaps in specialized security skills. Microsoft offers comprehensive solutions to address this evolving threat landscape.




Simplify vendor management

Managing multiple vendors can be burdensome for IT while valuable security insights sit siloed in separate dashboards. And siloed solutions can result in fragmented visibility and can be exploited.

Several features of Microsoft Security support simplified vendor management. By choosing Microsoft Security as your comprehensive security solution, you can eliminate redundant capabilities, and consolidate the number of vendor contracts you manage.

Reduce threats with AI and automation

With threats stretching IT teams to the limit—and talent gaps making it difficult to fill open roles—people can use a boost. AI, machine learning, and automation help humans protect sensitive data, detect and respond faster to threats, and more accurately predict future attacks and insider risks.

AI and automation tools also help you more easily manage and govern on-premises multi-cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) data. Improve compliance, monitor and remediate potentially risky activity, and safely enable productive work for employees using multiple devices in multiple locations.

Organizations are also using AI and machine learning to:

  • Filter events and make connections between incidents.
  • Focus the IT team’s threat investigation on the biggest security issues.
  • Disrupt ransomware attacks, which traditionally are “discovered” when receiving a ransomware note.


Improve operational efficiency

A deeply integrated solution from Microsoft Security makes it easier to protect your identities, devices, apps, and data against breaches.

  • Keep your devices safe wherever they are, across platforms.
  • Improve visibility across identities and endpoints.
  • Protect against breaches with deeply integrated solutions that secure identities, devices apps and data.
  • Secure access across your multifaceted digital landscape and the connected world.



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