Digital Transformation-Insurance Industry


Digital Transformation: Empowering intelligent insurance by productivity and security advancement.



As part of the company’s digital transformation was the upgrade of its partners’ channel by complementing the entire Life and Health portfolio, introducing new integrated life insurance streams. This addition transformed the company’s partners from a digital tool to a complete platform, which enhances partner productivity.



There were legacy applications that the sign-up, sign-in, password reset logic was embedded in the front-end application itself.  The back-end services were orchestrating the business logic for scenarios like sign-up, sign-In, password reset. Because of this interaction between the front-end application and the backend, the single sign-on was not achievable and the Azure b2C helped address these pain points.

As the first step users and their credentials were migrated to the Azure AD B2C directory. The next step was the migration of their applications. The necessary changes were made in applications’ authentication mechanisms. Moreover, upgrades to .net frameworks made as needed. The applications were Web API and MVC Apps.


  • Enhanced partner productivity with single-sign-on.
  • Move to the standards-based modern authentication protocol
  • No dependency on on-prem legacy directory
  • A common sign in layer built instead of having it duplicated in each app


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