CAF-In-The-Box: Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

CAF-In-The-Box: Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for Azure is a proven guidance to help customers in their cloud adoption journey. It brings together best practices from Microsoft solution architects, partners, and customers into a comprehensive and curated set of tools, documentation, templates, and guidance that help organizations shape their cloud strategies, driving towards their desired business goals and outcomes.

What is Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)?

The complete CAF consists of a set of tools, practices, and consulting services divided into six stages that comprehensively guide you to a successful Cloud adoption journey. All six CAF stages, Strategy, Plan, Ready, Adopt, Govern, and Manage, help you to design your own optimized Cloud adoption journey, ensuring that IT professionals, Cloud architects and decision-  makers, have a consistent framework to work and form expectations. CAF is necessary for your organization to get transformed faster with less cost & risk.

A proven methodology to your Cloud journey

The Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure approach, provides to businesses a guidance of a set of tools, and narratives helping them to shape technology, business, and setting strategies gaining successful outcomes during their adoption effort.

This guidance aligns to the following steps of the cloud adoption journey. There are six main phases that hold true for most companies: Strategy, Plan, Ready, Adopt, Govern, and Manage.

This cloud adoption lifecycle affects business, technology, and culture of enterprises. The affected roles include line-of-business leaders, business decision makers, IT decision makers, finance, enterprise administrators, IT operations, IT security and compliance, IT governance, workload development owners, and workload operations owners.

How Does It Work?
Each stage of the framework focuses on specific aspects of the cloud journey, for each organization to address internally. Here is an overview of each stage:
Define business rationale and improve your business agility, reduce costs, accelerate time to market, increase technical expertise or even enable expansion into new markets.
Develop comprehensive cloud adoption strategy plans and convert them easily into a plan of action. The cloud adoption plan covers every level of your business initiatives.
Prepare in advance the business, culture, people, and environment of the changes that are about to come. Our experts will provide you with the guidance you need for the creation of that environment.
Settle your enterprise workloads a new business perspective, modernize and optimize your infrastructure and applications, ensuring effective implementation of cloud migration process.
Create new models changing the way of how technologies can support, govern and manage the business. Identify your enterprise’s cloud adoption process with the governance benchmark tool.
Expand your IT operations, ensure cloud-based solutions to be managed through secure, cost effective processes using modern, cloud operations tools.


Justified InTTrust’s CAF Offering Outcomes

Successful cloud adoption requires deeper and broader changes across an organization. InTTrust can guide your business to solve some common obstacles to the cloud journey, including proper cloud governance to control costs, ensure security and overcome confusion on the right migration strategy to define a path to the cloud.

Get the most out of the CAF-IN-THE-BOX Offering by InTTrust

InTTrust is offering you the opportunity to be part of Digital Transformation through forward thinking and challenging initiatives. Our Azure Experts specialize in walking you through all the required Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) steps to create a robust environment designed to deliver optimum performance in combination to your organization’s cost optimization planning.


Track your spending

Identify and understand cost drivers with mail reports, alerts, and customized dashboards.



Optimize your costs

Optimize your spending with trend analytics, resource tagging and spending breakdowns.



Govern your finances

Govern your finances with reporting for operations, finance and management.