Cloud Backup as a Service: Secure all your Critical Business Files & O365 emails

Cloud Backup as a Service: Secure all your Critical Business Files & O365 emails

Secure all your Critical Business Files & O365 emails

InTTrust’s Cloud Backup as a Service (CBaaS) offering, counts a bunch of useful features, including fast and accurate recovery from unfortunate data loss incidents involving production data with minimal disruption or mitigating possible data loss costs. Therefore there is a risk elimination of losing access and control over your Office 365 data including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams – so that your data is always protected.

The main InTTrust’s CBaaS features:
Comprehensive backup coverage across the Office 365 portfolio – including the latest collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Groups
Ability to offer unlimited backup retention – including files created by deleted users
Powerful search and restore capabilities to quickly recover from data loss
Industry – leading security and privacy policy support – HIPAA and GDPR compliance at no extra charge
Full Cloud-to-Cloud solution built exclusively on industry-leading public Cloud provider


InTTrust provides CBaaS coverage to:

1. Secure your Mailboxes (Office Exchange 365)
Unlimited Deleted items retention
Storage capacity 50 GB per Mailbox & Unlimited Backup
Can be configured to address compliance and litigation requirements
Data recovered as it was, where it was
Auto discovery and backup of all mailboxes and Public Folders
Restore Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Journals, and entire mailbox
Point-in-time restore
Cross-mailbox restore

2. Secure your Files (One Drive) & your Libraries (Sharepoint)
Unlimited Deleted items retention
1 TB+ Unlimited Backup Storage capacity baseline
500MB+ Unlimited Backup SharePoint storage capacity per user
Protection from immediate permanent deletion of SharePoint site content by Site Admin and OneDrive for Business content by end user
Auto discovery of SharePoint sites and OneDrive for business accounts
Backup and restore SharePoint files, lists, Modern & Classic Team Sites and sub sites, and OneDrive for Business files, folders, and full account
Point-in-time restore of OneDrive for Business accounts

3. Secure your Teams groups
Unlimited Deleted item retention
50 GB + Unlimited Backup Mailbox Storage Capacity (Conversations & Calendar)
1 TB + Unlimited Backup Data Storage Capacity (Files & Notebook)
Backup and restore Conversations, Calendar, Files, and Notebook