InTTrust 2020: Building on experience, investing in research

InTTrust 2020: Building on experience, investing in research

InTTrust continues a successful 14-year run as a multi-Cloud integrator and Digital Transformation Solution Provider, expanding its operations in North America through its subsidiary Metontec. With its in-depth knowledge
of technology, solvency, consistency and reliability, the company succeeds in attracting professionals who share its values and vision. Its employees consist of an expanding team of more than 100 well-trained engineers, developers and consultants, who successfully carry out IT projects of significant complexity.

A recent addition to our team was Dr. Michael Mavroforakis, who joined as the CTO of the company.
Dr. Mavroforakis is a prominent person in the technology field, both professionally and academically.
He has served as the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), the CDO (Chief Data Officer) and the Director of IT Governance at the National Bank Group, as well as in other high level positions in the Banking sector. Moreover, he has participated as a permanent member of EU Experts’ Committees in the areas of Information Security (EBF Cloud Experts Group, EPC Payments Security Support Group) and Data Governance (Interalpha CDO’s Group). He began his IT career in 1987 as the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of a company specializing in the development of highly technically demanding projects (e.g., industrial robots, CAD / CAM systems, meteorological radar control and imaging applications, etc.)

His academic career includes an appointment as a Research Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Houston, USA. As a member of the university’s Biomedical Laboratory, his research is focused in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI / ML) and medical diagnosis. The work of Dr. Mavroforakis has been published in prestigious international journals and conferences, and he has been the recipient of major international awards, including the IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks ‘Outstanding Paper Award’, the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society ‘Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award’, the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP) ‘Best PhD Award’ and the EUSIPCO ‘Best Paper Award’.

The presence of Dr. Mavroforakis at InTTrust marks the transition of the company to a new era, by expanding into the domains of Consulting & Architectural Services for Cloud, Security, Data and Artificial Intelligence. This way, we aim to offer integrated services (design, implementation, support) to companies that want to invest in Artificial Intelligence and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.