InTTrust Offering: Secure and Comfortable Remote Work Space

InTTrust Offering: Secure and Comfortable Remote Work Space

Manage iOS, Android, Windows and macOS devices with a single endpoint management solution from the Cloud. Streamline and automate deployment, provisioning, policy management, app delivery and updates.

Integrated End Point Management Platform
At a glance:
• Mobile Devices Management
• Data Protection
• Compliance

A Unified Endpoint Management of both corporate and BYOD devices in a way that protects corporate data.

Mobile Devices Management

• Enroll and manage devices remotely
• Apply application protection policies
• Keep devices and applications updated

Enforce Compliance Rules to non domain joined devices


Data protection

• Impose conditional access to sensitive data
• Enforce role-based access control
• Wipe out all device data in case of device loss

Protect company data by enforcing policies



• Apply compliance rules for users and devices
• Comply with data security regulations
• Comply with GDPR Compliance

Monitor the compliance status of mobile devices