InTTrust Offering: Secure Collaboration Platform

InTTrust Offering: Secure Collaboration Platform

Empower collaboration inside and outside your organization by protecting sensitive information such as emails and documents with encryption, restricted access and rights, and integrated security in MS Office apps.

Secure Collaboration platform
At a glance:
• Resolve communication needs
• End users collaboration MS Office apps
• In and out of office collaboration
• Document protection

What do we mean by Secure Collaboration?
Independence of working from home or if there’s an emergency while you’re away, you can have the peace of mind that you’ve got the tools to help you adapt securely from wherever you are.

Resolve communication needs
Microsoft Teams has evolved to a complete meetings and calling solution

• Teams for informal 1:1 or group chats
• Share information in a transparent way accelerating decision making
• Create channels focusing on Microsoft Teams content

Availability of your desktop and applications from everywhere

End users collaboration in MS Office apps
A Messaging Platform

• Public Folders accessible by anyone in the organization
• Policies to manage email lifecycle
• Interactive Mail Protection Reports

A hosted messaging solution, providing users access to email, calendar, contacts and tasks

Email & Document Protection
Enhance data protection, anytime, anywhere

• Protect and restrict access to sensitive information
• Provide different access levels for different users or groups
• Classify and apply labels

Share data safely with co workers, customers and partners