InTTrust Offering: Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

InTTrust Offering: Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

Do you want to have Office mobility, Flexible deployment and scalability at a minimum cost?
InTTrust offers a solution focusing on business continuity and secure teleworking when a breakdown occurs.

Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure
At a glance:

  • Office mobility
  • Minimum Cost
  • Deployment and Scalability
  • End-user experience quality

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?
It is an infrastructure solution built on Azure for working secure from everywhere using any device. The design and the implementation is customer tailored.

Office Mobility

  • Data and applications are always available in hand as long as internet connection is available.
  • Data and applications are safe and protected against theft and accidental damage

Access your remote virtual desktop from any device: smartphones, tablets and, obviously, your PC at home

Minimum Cost

  • With eligible Windows or Microsoft 365 license there is no additional cost
  • No additional cost applicable also to desktops powered by Windows Server Remote Desktop Services and apps

Pay only for Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Storage consumed

Deployment and Scalability

  • Built-in security and compliance features.
  • Unified management in the Azure portal.

Deployment and scalability of Windows desktops and apps on Azure in minutes