Platinum Sponsorship at the 1st Digital Enterprise Transformation Conference

Platinum Sponsorship at the 1st Digital Enterprise Transformation Conference

InTTrust has successfully participated as Platinum Sponsor at the 1st Digital Enterprise Transformation, 1-2 June, in which, Mr. George Ntontos, Partner &COO, InTTrust has delivered the presentation ‘Empower your business journey to the next level: Digital Transformation Tools in action’.

On the first day of the conference during his presentation, he pointed out not only about the digital tools that are effective for an efficient digital transformation but also about how they have already used, with reference to successful cases of InTTrust clients from the transport, retail, tourism, insurance, and energy industries.

He stated, among other things, that the projects that need to be done in the context of digital transformation can no longer wait, citing as an example the achieved rapid pace of digitization of public sector processes. He also mentioned that the key issue is to digitally connect all the functions of a business and this can only be done through a continuous and uninterrupted connection using the right digital tools.

On the second day, in the closing round table discussion, Mr. George Ntontos, noted that the main issue holding back the enterprise’s digital transformation is the serious problem of slow process pace. However, this does not only happen only in the public but also in the private sector.

He also stressed that we must learn from what we all have experienced in the pandemic period. During the pandemic period, there has been worldwide cooperation, everyone worked harmoniously to solve the problem. “Only with the cooperation we can move forward,” he said. He noted, among other things, that during all this effort, everything should have been done with the absolute safety of the selected amount of data.

He also referred to the human resources that are outside the Greek borders ‘we would like them to come back and in this, we would like the assistance of the state’ he said. ‘Information is dynamic, knowledge is power, as long as it is used in the right way… let’s make sure it is used in the right ways!’ he said.